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Contest forms on this site are for Toastmaster's information and reference only and are current as at Year 2002. The forms are reproductions only of the official speech contest forms supplied by Toastmasters International. Clubs should always ensure they purchase a full set of speech contest forms from Toastmasters International to ensure currency and accuracy of content.

The contest rules information within is provided as a guideline only. Although all effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, in case of any discrepancies, the Official Speech Contest Rule Book 2001 (Cat No. 1171) provided by Toastmasters International is the ONLY official source.

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Speech Contest Forms (Return to top of page)

These pdf files contain the following forms:

        Speech contest judging form

        Speech contest tie judging form

        Speech contest judging criteria and ethics

        Speech contest rules

International Speech Contest (124kB pdf)

Evaluation Contest (112kB pdf)

Humorous Speech Contest (122kB pdf)

Tall Tales Speech Contest (115kB pdf)

Table Topics Speech Contest (113kB pdf)


Miscellaneous Speech Contest Forms (Return to top of page)

This pdf file contain the following forms:

        Speech Contestant Biographical Information

        Speakerís Certification of Eligibility and Originality

        Time Record Sheet and Instructions for Timers

        Counterís Tally Sheet

        Notification of Contest Winner

Miscellaneous Speech Contest Forms (237kB pdf)

First 3 CTM Speeches (Return to top of page)

For those of you who can't wait to receive your CTM Manual to start your first speech - just download one of the following to get going:

Speech 1 - The Icebreaker (19kB pdf)

Speech 2 - Speak With Sincerity (26kB pdf)

Speech 3 - Organize Your Speech (25kB pdf)

Record Your Award Progress (80kB pdf) ..... progress chart for recording your award achievements (CTM, ATM, DTM, CL & AL)

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